Conference Focus


The JOM series of biennial International Conferences & ‘know how’ Exhibition in Welding Technology go back five decades to the nineteen seventies.

The JOM Conference is unique in that it is dedicated to the advancement of joining and material technologies and fabrication techniques in all the key industry sectors.


As the latest R & D results and recent industrial applications will be presented, participation in the conference technical programme will be essential for those engineers wishing to advance their knowledge as part of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).


More recently, training, qualification and certification of welding personnel have become increasingly important. The implementation of recent knowhow through Education and Training is now a key part of modern welding technology. Thus, this topic is also a key JOM Conference focus.


Publication of the Conference Papers


The JOM 20 Conference Proceedings will be assigned an ISBN number for publication (JOM ISSN: 2246-0160).

The Conference and Exhibition Venue, Registration and Accommodation:


The Conference venue as well as accommodation and the exhibition all take place at the scenic Konventum, LO-Skolen in Helsingør, the same Conference venue for the hitherto JOM Conferences. The Conference Venue has excellent facilities and cuisine at reasonable cost. With easy access from Copenhagen airport (by rail), the venue offers an outstanding location on the Danish coast.


Your address during the JOM –Conference


Konventum LO-Skolen Konference Center.

Gammel Hellebækvej 70

DK-3000 Helsingør


Sessions Main Topics and Papers

Monday May 27




08:30-12:00 Introduction, Computers in welding, digitisation and Industry Welding equipment developments


Chair: John Norrish and Lars Erik Stridh


  • 40 Years JOM Conferences, Osama AL-ERHAYEMThe history and current status of computers in welding, Bill LUCAS, Jeremy SMITH                       
  • Welding 4.0 and Weld Database Management. Andreas PITTNER
  • Recent changes to ISO 15614-1 and their implications. Marcello CONSONNI
  • Digital and programmable power source control – benefits and Limitations. Jesper SKOVFO



13:00-15:00 Digitisation in welding education and vocational training


Chair: Kai Treutler, Mads Jensen


  • Education, Economy and competitiveness Lars-Erik STRIDH
  • VR Vocational training system, Allan GRAY
  • Virtual Reality in Welding. Josef KREINDL
  • Digitisation in Quality Management. Boyan IVANOV



15:30-17:15 Robotics and Additive Manufacture. Improvements in robot programming for small batch production and developments in welding based additive manufacture


Chair: Janez Tusek, Vinod Kumar


  • Robot programing CAD or 3D scan to finished part. J.NORRISH, Larkinet al
  • Robotic wire arc additive manufacture for production and repair. Binato Wu, Zeng Xi Pan, J. NORRISH et al
  • WAAM progress at CU. Martina FILOMENO
  • Multi-material design in welding arc additive manufacture. Kai TREUTLER

Tuesday May 28.



08:30-12:00 Sensors and on line monitoring

Chair: Stephan Egerland, John Dowden


  • Technology and Data Management in Welding Production and Training systems. Lincoln Electric USA, Jason SCALES
  • Data analysis, quality control and diagnostics for legacy welding equipment. Julian TAPP 
  • Monitoring and control of the Arc Plasma and heat input in WAAM. Sven GOECKE
  • Thermal Sprayed Coatings by Laser-Assisted Heat Treatment for High-Durability Continuous Casting Molds. Eunjoon CHUN
  • Digitisation and computer interfaces for NDE. Ulf LARSEN


Wednesday May 29.


08:30-11:00 Quality Management ,Inspection and weldability

Chair: Sven Goecke, Vladimir Glouchenkov


  • Analysis of the welds on the dies for die casting. Janez TUSEK
  • Developing a user friendly platform for in service inspection of nuclear power plant welds. Hassan SHAABAN
  • Metallurgical and micro hardness studies of ferritic stainless steel welds. Pradeep KHANNA.
  • Effect of preheat and inter pass temperature on alloy 625 cladding. Vinod KUMAR
  • Safety of work on Electrical equipment - Reliability of application of a Bimetallic Electrode of new design and Technology. Vladimir GLOUCHENKOV


11:15-12:00 Conclusions

Chair: Bill Lucas, John Norrish and Osama Al-Erhayem

Please notice: Eventually changes in the programme will be communicated at the registration desk

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